emf protection

for every part of your life

EMF Harmony makes advanced EMF protection products for your cell phone, wireless devices, Apple Watch, home, office, car, and for your body when on the go. Based on proven European bio-energetic technology that supports your health in the presence of 5G and all forms of EMF radiation - for the best EMF protection.

electromagnetic radiation

disrupts your body's energy system

why emf protection

Over the last 20+ years hundreds of scientific studies have documented negative health consequences from exposure to unnatural electromagnetic radiation, some of which include:

• Oxidative stress through an increase in free radicals that in turn causes damage to DNA

• Decreases in white and red blood cell counts and associated declines in immune response

• Compromise of the blood-brain barrier, exposing the central nervous system to unhealthy toxins

• Changes in hormone levels, including melatonin, which impacts the quality of sleep

• Increases in susceptibility to certain types of cancer and adverse health effects on the neurological and reproductive systems that can affect mental health and fertility, among other issues

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effective protection

from the health risks associated with exposure to EMF radiation

Fortunately, there is something that you can do to protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiation that is pervasive in your life today. EMF Harmony offers a collection of EMF protection devices powered by advanced technology developed in Europe that works for 5G, WiFi, and all forms of EMF's. This cutting-edge technology is based upon a bio-energetic approach to harmonizing electromagnetic radiation and supporting your body, recognizing that energy is the current of our bodies, the key to good health, and the best EMF protection.

how it works

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proven results

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5G Radiation Protection

endorsed by healthcare professionals

video: 5G Technology - what you need to know

Watch our 3 minute overview of the new 5G cell phone technology that is being rolled out - what it is, what it means for your health, and what to do about it.

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video: emf radiation damage to cress sprouts

Watch our short summary of a test growing cress sprouts next to a Wi-Fi router and the resulting damaging health effects - and how our EMF protection device prevented it.

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