EMF 5G Protection Bracelets, Wristbands, Apple Watchband

Shop our EMF protection bracelets, wrist bands, and Apple watch bands for your body when on the go. These stylish EMF anti-radiation bracelets are the comfortable and convenient way to have electromagnetic radiation safety with you wherever you are. They protect you from the adverse health effects of all EMF's that you come into contact with from any source, including new 5G technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Researchers and experts within the scientific community have been studying the impacts of EMF's on the body and while there are still many questions left unanswered, studies have suggested that potential long-term exposure to EMF's can have long-term consequences on health and wellness.

There are two types of EMF: Low-frequency fields that create non-ionizing radiation and high-frequency waves that produce the opposite and have the power to create damage in the body at the cellular level.

The former variant of EMF comes from smartphones, microwaves, wifi signal routers, infrared, and televisions. The latter, high-frequency EMF variant comes from X-rays and UV light. By comparison, the latter has been shown to be far more dangerous than the former, however, scientists in this field continue to study the effects of prolonged exposure to low-frequency EMF on the human body with symptoms ranging from mild headaches to nausea, dizzinness, and increased electromagnetic fields hypersensitivity.

The amount of EMF radiation that we encounter throughout the day is overwhelming. Under intense, long-term exposure to the impact of EMF, the body can start to feel the negative effects of constant bombardment leading to health issues over time.

EMF bracelets and wristbands help to neutralize the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation by supporting natural energies in the body and reducing the impact of EMF from all of the electronic devices that have become such an essential part of our lives.

Choose from the Mobility, Mobility+, or Pure Light Cuff versions of our EMF bracelet collection to boost the natural energies of your body against EMF.

In actuality, these bracelets and wristbands work using our proprietary dual-level technology combining Direct and Adaptive technologies. The former harmonizes the negative frequencies in EMF radiation and the latter works to boost the immunity of our cells against that radiation to increase their energy within for stronger health and well-being.

The Direct part of the dual-level technology in our bracelets targets the exterior surrounding frequencies of the EMF radiation to harmonize and dramatically decrease the potentially negative impacts on your health. The Adaptive part is aimed at increasing your body's cellular energy to build up the strength of the body's biofield for improved immunity against the effects of extremely low-frequency radiation that comes from the devices you use everyday.

The proprietary dual-level technology infused into these bracelets is an infinite source of protection energy. Therefore it will not expire, decrease in strength, or lose its effectiveness after a specific period of time. Our technology has been developed as a constant source of bio-energetic protection to neutralize the EMF's around you and fortify your cellular immunity against the potential health hazards from constant exposure.

No. Our bracelets work on a sub-atomic level so they will not, nor are they intended to, block or shield EMF radiation from your devices. If that were the case, keeping the bracelet anywhere near your smartphone, wifi router, tablet, laptop computer, smart TV, any such device, would render it entirely inoperable. These bracelets are designed to protect you against the dangers of EMF radiation while maintaining complete functionality of your devices.

That depends on the individual wearing the bracelet and whether or not they are particularly sensitive to the negative impacts of EMF radiation. Additional factors include the types of electromagnetic radiation to which you are exposed on a routine basis, the types of devices from which the EMF radiation is being emitted, and your overall state of heatlh.

Most of our customers don't feel a specific noticeable difference in their wellbeing, however, some wearers have reported feeling the effects of EMF detoxification from years of low-frequency EMF radiation bombardment and exposure. This detoxification phase is temporary as the quality of your health improves from the absence of EMF in your life.

It means the bracelet is working and the results speak for themselves.

The source of the energy in our EMF protection bracelets come from decades of technological development that has been proven effective and used in a range of trusted healthcare applications in Europe. There are no steps necessary for re-energizing or renewing these bracelets and wristbands.

The EMF bracelet you purchase now will continue to offer the same level protection from the effects of EMF radiation in the years ahead. New technologies will emerge, faster and smarter devices will be developed, but the type of EMF radiation they give off will remain the same and that's why our bracelets can be deemed futureproof for safeguarding your health and well-being.

We are always developing new and updated versions of our products and but you can be sure that our bracelets are designed to protect you from the harmful effects of EMF for as long as you wear them.

Cleaning will not affect nor impact the bracelet's efficacy in any way. You do not need to clean it in order for it to work at maximum performance. We do suggest that you give it a cleaning from time to time to keep the bracelet in good condition. All you need is some warm water and a drop or two of mild dish soap and wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth.