Safety First: EMF Protection Strategies Amidst Growing 5G Health Concerns

Health Risks of 5G

The emergence of 5G cellular networks has many concerned about the health risks that come with this new, upgraded technology including the electromagnetic radiation that is a by-product of its functionality.

There are many forms of EMF all around us, both natural and man-made, but it’s the latter that has led researchers and regulatory agencies to study how much of an impact that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation can have on the health and safety of the general public. While 5G technology has been a groundbreaking development in the advancement of our communications apparatus worldwide, some are wondering if we have decided to sacrifice our safety and well-being for superficial reasons.

Non-Ionizing Radiation and You

When you hear the word “radiation”, it likely calls to mind intense energy coming from the sun or an X-ray machine or some other source where the energy can be extremely harmful with just a short period of exposure. This form of radiation is categorized as “ionizing radiation” and it can have tremendous adverse effects on your health and wellness, even though it’s a form of radiation that can be found naturally from the ultraviolet rays of the sun or radon gas, as well as from man-made sources like tanning beds and certain forms of medical equipment such as X-ray machines.

There is also a form of non-ionizing radiation which comes from a range of both natural and man-made sources and these are typically classified into two types of electric and magnetic fields (EMF’s): Extremely Low-Frequency EMF radiation and Radiofrequency (RF) radiation. These forms of non-ionizing radiation are all around us, particularly due to the fact that these forms of radiation are found in so many of the devices and infrastructure on which we rely each and every day, including cell phones, power lines, laptop computers, household appliances, wi-fi routers, even your hair dryer and your electric blanket, as well as the smartwatch or fitness tracker you wear on your wrist throughout the day. All of these are primary and consistent sources of non-ionizing radiation that you encounter multiple times, 24/7.

These are in your home, your office, when you step outside to walk your dog, or when you’re driving in an electric automobile. Today’s modern society has only continued to increase its reliance upon the very devices and equipment that could be making us sick and most of us don’t even realize what’s going on, despite suffering some level of symptomatic response that we are all too ready to chalk up to other culprits like overexertion, poor sleep quality, and the common cold.

But the reality is, 5G technology and the EMF and RF radiation that has become a prevalent and all-encompassing by-product of faster signal transfer speeds for our cell phones and internet data has begun to raise major health concerns among experts and consumers alike that 5G poses some serious risks to public health. While government regulatory bodies are still trying to determine how much EMF exposure is too much, the reality is that we may already be absorbing too much of it, even at the lowest of doses.

What are the Health Risks?

The 5G networks that we are using today are quicker and more efficient than previous generations of cellular networks that relied on the use of larger cell towers to relay signals over far distances so our devices were always working.

The difference between 5G and those earlier generations of networks is found in the signal frequency as well as the size and distances of the towers on which the network is built - which has sparked some cause for concern from public health and safety organizations and medical researchers alike. 5G emits a signal frequency that is higher in EMF’s and utilizes shorter signal towers that are placed closer to each other for a stronger and more robust signal.

Higher frequencies with more signal towers offers faster connectivity and more reliability when it comes to your wireless devices working properly. But at what cost? EMF radiation exposure brings with it the potential for a variety of adverse health effects and when the concentration of these signals becomes intensified across more towers over shorter distances, the risks to public health need to be addressed.

Yes, we are still talking about non-ionizing radiation with 5G network signals, but even at low doses, the research is still being conducted into the health consequences of long-term, routine exposure as more tower locations are established, built, and operational and clusters of these towers are infiltrating more areas and regions as 5G networks grow across the country.

This makes it increasingly more challenging to stay away from constant EMF exposure in an environment that is embracing 5G as the foundation of communication and commerce in today’s high-tech world.

Individuals who have a particular electrohypersensitivity to the effects of EMF and RF exposure brought on by 5G frequencies are prone to experience a litany of potential physical and psychological symptoms over both the short and long term. The extent of the damage brought on by the consequences of these health impacts continue to be studied and observed.

Potential Symptoms of EMF Exposure from 5G

The following are some of the more common symptoms that individuals with hypersensitivity to EMF have presented to the medical community and researchers have determined could be linked to electromagnetic radiation brought on by an increase in 5G towers and the signal frequencies that come from them.

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia and poor sleep quality
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Lapses in memory
  • Depression
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Carcinogenic illnesses

This is just a partial list and further studies are currently being conducted as researchers and scientists continue to probe deeper into the effects of EMF exposure on the human mind and body. But as more towers are established and 5G networks become stronger and more wide-reaching, the health effects on the general public remain under close scrutiny.

How Millimeter Waves Impact You

The higher frequency EMF’s that are necessary for the newest 5G cellular network to function properly are considered millimeter waves, which are able to carry higher data capacities over shorter distances. These are some of the highest frequencies ever used by any cellular network, and one thing that makes them particularly unique is their inability to penetrate the surface layer of skin on the human body.

Unlike previous cellular network generations, where low-frequency signal waves would pass through the top layers of human skin without any issue, 5G millimeter waves can not, potentially increasing the risk of various forms of cancer for individuals who are exposed to millimeter waves over extended periods of time.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family from the Dangers of EMF Radiation in 5G

The impacts of EMF and RF radiation can be damaging to the health and well being of you and your family. But this technology isn’t going away anytime soon, in fact, it’s poised to become more widespread even while the next generation of cellular networks is looming on the horizon.

Simply put, the threat of EMF radiation is here to stay and we are still learning more about the risks and potential harm that long-term and routine exposure can have on our bodies. So what can you do to stay safe and protect yourself and your family?

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies which you can adopt to help reduce your exposure to harmful EMF and RF radiation sourced from 5G cell towers, the devices that rely on them to function, and other constant sources of electromagnetic radiation in your home or office.

Each of these methods can be useful and effective for decreasing your health risks in an EMF heavy, 5G network world.

Keep Your Distance

The most fundamental strategy for protecting yourself against EMF radiation is to physically get away from the most concentrated sources of it. Does that mean packing your things and moving it all out of state to some place far, far away in the mountains or a deserted island?

Not exactly. It isn’t entirely feasible to pack up, sell your home, and find a secluded little enclave that has never seen nor heard of 5G because, frankly, fewer of such places exist in today’s modern world. Plus, it’s not exactly realistic to pick up and find a new home every couple of years as more towers are built and start to congregate closer to where you’ve chosen to live.

Not to mention that you’re keeping plenty of sources of EMF radiation in your home anyway, from cell phones to tablets to your appliances. If you have to spend even a minute or two browsing the Internet or communicating via email or text message, you’re going to need one or more devices that enable that capability and the components necessary to do that all emit EMF radiation.

So how can you keep your distance? Be cognizant of the devices in your home or office that emit electromagnetic radiation and don’t linger near them for very long. Microwaves and convection ovens stay in one place but choose a far corner or a room that isn’t used very often to place a wifi router if you need to have one in use.

Making strategic decisions on where you keep the most intense sources of EMF and RF radiation in the home or office and remaining as far away from them as possible can help you reduce the health risks that come with this type of energy.

Don’t Sleep, Shut Down Instead

Many of the devices we use that emit high levels of EMF radiation are left on all day and all night which means they continue to emanate that radiation even after we no longer need to use them. Laptops, tablets, computers, all of these go into sleep mode when we aren’t using them but the EMF radiation only stops when the devices are off. So shut them down instead of closing them into sleep mode.

Why continue to be exposed to the harmful energy that comes from these devices for longer than need be? We already use them so much throughout the day, give your device and yourself a rest by shutting off your devices.

EMF Protection Products

There are many options for reducing the harmful effects of EMF radiation on you and your family with a range of products offered by EMF Harmony.

They offer EMf protection products that you can wear, you can attach to your devices, or create a protected barrier in your home or office using bioresonance energy technology, a proprietary form of dual-level protection that both harmonizes the negative energies in the EMF radiation that comes from your devices, appliances, components, and electronics while fortifying the immunity of the cells in the body to stimulate the natural healing processes and strengthen them against oxidative stress.

Bioresonance energy frequencies are emitted from the product you decide to utilize to help reduce the impacts of EMF radiation. Whether it’s a bracelet or special stainless steel sticker or a tag you attach to your pet’s collar, these products have been energized with this proprietary technology and the bioenergetic information contained within the product emits bioenergetic frequencies that work to manipulate the biofield, the life force energy that flows through each and every living being. The biofield plays an important role in traditional Chinese medicinal practices and techniques such as acupuncture, reflexology, and qigong massage to diagnose and treat disease by maintaining the balance of energy flow in the body.

Bioresonance technology works in the same way, promoting proper energy flow and working to heal and protect the body on a cellular level.

Take Action Today

The healthcare space continues to monitor the impacts of 5G technology on public health across the country and around the world. But while studies show that EMF radiation can be harmful, the experts are still trying to figure out just how much of a negative impact this form of radiation can have on our health and wellness over the long term.

Why risk it? Start considering all of the EMF protection strategies you have at your disposal and take action for safeguarding you and your family’s health today.

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