Electromagnetic Sensitivity: Real Condition or Nocebo Effect?

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

As we become more reliant upon our electronic devices and the networks that enable their speed and functionality, there are growing concerns as to the long-term damage being inflicted on our collective health and wellness.

Over the past two decades, reported symptoms associated with lengthy EMF exposure from our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wifi routers, smart appliances, 5G towers, even the electronics and computer components in our motor vehicles have been diagnosed under the clinical term “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”, a neurologic, pathological disorder that has gained a stronger legitimate acceptance than ever before due to so many individuals presenting such negative symptoms.

Now that the medical community has characterized electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a serious medical issue, understanding the causes of this condition and diagnosing the symptoms with accuracy are more critical than ever before. That means knowing the signs of the illness before it can dramatically impact your quality of life and identifying the source of the symptoms to better protect yourself and your family.

Adverse symptoms reported by individuals experiencing so-called perceived EMF exposure leading to a nocebo effect in which the symptoms reported are incorrectly attributed to electromagnetic fields is losing credibility in light of overwhelming scientific evidence that points to real physical and psychological distress caused by the electromagnetic field exposure.

The Symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity of Modern Life

Recent studies have sounded an alarm throughout the medical community as to the severity of electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a real medical condition and not a nocebo effect in individuals who are presenting symptoms related to consistent, routine exposure extremely low frequency EMFs and RF signals that are constantly emitted from all of the wireless, electronic devices that we use each and every day.

Among the most common symptoms of this exposure include headaches, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, increased inability to focus or concentrate, and increased risk of carcinogenic illnesses, and these debilitating factors brought on by EMF exposure have garnered the attention of the World Health Organization to increase their research to better determine the very real risks that encompass the urgent threat of man-made electromagnetic fields.

That further research has also determined the human body can suffer skin irritation and rash, muscular pain, and cerebral neuro-vascular abnormalities, inflammation, oxidative stress, and negative alterations of the blood brain barrier.

As our communication technologies grow faster and more advanced, the demand for these capabilities remains the strongest it's ever been but the trade-off seems to be higher risks to public health. Adults showing susceptibility to the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity can suffer significant reductions in their quality of life and children can suffer these unpleasant symptoms with much more severity, prompting the medical community to address the specificity of the causes behind these symptoms as electromagnetic fields.

Unfortunately, at this time, no official medical treatment option has been established even as doctors and specialists grapple with the rising increase in cases of symptoms related to electromagnetic exposure. It seems the medical community continues to be one step behind in treating the cause and eliminating the symptoms of EMF exposure in the communities across the world.

The development of the latest generations of communication networks remains out of pace with the medical community’s understanding and acceptance of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and that has made effective treatment options all but non-existent at the moment.

The Importance of Effective EMF Protection

The above research and other studies have painted a very distinct picture that portrays the potential hazardous consequences that are part and parcel with prolonged, consistent exposure to EMF. As the scientific and medical communities play catch-up with treating the heretofore medically unexplained symptoms being experienced by individuals across the world, the need for protection against the impacts of EMF radiation is now a priority for those who have been experiencing electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The natural, and perhaps most obvious, response is to move away from and/or reduce the use of the sources of EMF radiation that permeate our neighborhoods, our cities, and environments. But as the proliferation of these sources continues to expand and intensify, those options are becoming far less practical or even feasible. 5G network towers offer the fastest and most reliable connection speeds that consumers and businesses have grown accustomed to and that means more towers being constructed in close proximity to one another. That increases the environmental factors that contribute to the actual exposure to EMFs that can trigger symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The millimeter waves that encompass the signal functionality of 5G networks have shown an inability to pass through human tissue, which is something that components of previous networks were able to do. When the frequencies are unable to penetrate human tissue, the effect is far more damaging to that tissue and increases the risk of damaging your health. So when avoidance is no longer a feasible option, the next, and best option, is protection against actual EMF exposure.

The Best Way to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure

EMF protection devices infused with bioresonance energy, a trusted technology utilized in a variety of healthcare fields throughout Europe for over two decades.

This bioresonance energy offers dual-level protection that works to harmonize the damaging frequencies found in EMFs while strengthening the body’s cellular makeup by increasing the cells’ immunity against the oxidative stress caused by EMF exposure.

A wide variety of EMF protection solutions are available, each undergoing a proprietary charging process that embeds the bioresonance data into the device creating an infinite source of bio-energetic frequencies that integrate with your biofield, the complex network of life force energy that flows through every living thing.

When you are wearing an EMF protection device or remain inside an EMF protected perimeter within your home, office, or vehicle, you are reducing the health risks associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and giving you and your family an advantage against the harmful effects of EMFs in this modern world.

Reduce Potential Health Risks with EMF Harmony

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been a very real condition for decades and only now are we learning how formerly non specific symptoms have been red flags warning of human health risks due to EMF exposure. EMF Harmony has been working to develop long-term, effective solutions to those who have been experiencing symptoms related to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. There is robust evidence proving that we are at risk of developing short and long-term negative symptoms associated with EMF exposure and incorporating EMF protection into your routine can show significant differences on your overall health and wellness.

The technology of our connectivity networks is only going to become more advanced and potentially more hazardous to our environmental health.

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