Understanding How Electromagnetic Fields Affect Us


The increased risk of detrimental health effects on the body and the brain caused by EMF exposure has been under scrutiny in scientific literature for more than three decades as researchers study the potential hazards of long-term exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.

What may have once been dismissed as safe might now be classified as the very opposite due to the amount of time we spend in the vicinity of electronic devices, high voltage power lines, and 5G signal towers. These days, it's become all but impossible to minimize your exposure to EMF by physically moving away from the locations in which electromagnetic radiation exists.

That's because the valid sources of EMFs are virtually everywhere and until we ditch our mobile phones and curb our collective use of fifth-generation connectivity networks, the scientific evidence is clear that public health is at risk and the safe exposure limits to electromagnetic fields must be reconsidered.

The reason being that we have so much electromagnetic radiation surrounding us, more than ever before, and with all of the constant sources of EMFs in our cities, our homes, our workplaces, and our schools, what may have been considered “safe” didn’t take into account how much time we actually spend exposed to these negative, damaging energies in our technologically advanced, modern society.

Health Effects from Exposure to EMF

The adverse health effects of EMF radiation on the human body come with short term and long term consequences. Among the most alarming of these impacts on human health is the thermal effects which are characterized by an increase in temperature. Have you ever noticed that your ear feels warm to the touch after a phone call or your thigh is noticeably warmer after you’ve been resting your laptop on your lap for an extended period of time? Those are common examples of the thermal effects of EMF exposure in a routine setting.

There are also non-thermal effects that could lead to serious possible health risks, which have sparked concern in the medical community as more individuals report symptoms related to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, a neurologic, pathological disorder that has been linked to a variety of symptoms associated with extended exposure to EMF.

The electromagnetic field radiation that is emitted as a by-product of wireless and electronic devices in today’s modern society puts individuals in harm’s way as the energies from the increasing strengths and frequencies of EMF radiation results in direct tissue penetration.

The longer you remain in an area where electromagnetic radiation is present, the more EMF exposure your body and brain are subject to endure. Limiting exposure is becoming less of a practical option as a means for protecting yourself. How many digital billboards do you pass on your way to work each day? How often are you in your motor vehicle each day?

The average exposure time to electromagnetic radiation has increased dramatically which puts you and your family at an increased risk of short and long term health consequences.

The negative, damaging energetic frequencies that are moving through our bodies are causing a wide variety of symptoms that may seem minor and short-lived to some, others may feel long-term consistent and relentless symptoms so debilitating as to dramatically affect that individual’s quality of life.

Common Symptoms Associated with Electromagnetic Field Exposure

The range of symptoms suffered by individuals who are impacted by extended exposure to EMF can have a very difficult time even managing to get through their normal, daily lives. Common symptoms related to EMF exposure can run the gamut from nausea and dizziness to memory loss and anxiety to migraines and fatigue.

Those are the short-term consequences that have medical professionals concerned about the increase of electromagnetic hypersensitivity diagnoses among the public. Once considered an outlying set of conditions and dysfunctions, the medical world is taking these symptoms more seriously as of late and recognize electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a legitimate health matter that is becoming more prevalent among those reporting symptoms.

Further research has determined consistent evidence with long-term carcinogenic risks due to routine, prolonged public exposure to extremely low frequency EMFs, which have previously been deemed safe but now, with the staggering number of sources and the apparatuses to support their functionality that have been emerging over the past two decades. Dermatological effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity have demonstrated cases of mastocytosis, a rare illness marked by an excess of mast cells gathered in the tissues of the body.

Cancer risks associated with EMF exposure are a growing concern to the World Health Organization, which have issued warnings and classifications as to the dangers of environmental exposure to electromagnetic radiation on the general population. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as potentially carcinogenic with an elevated risk for the development of glioma, a form of brain cancer.

The Dangers of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields on Children's Health

Children are even more susceptible to the biological effects from EMF exposure as their nervous systems are weaker and more vulnerable than those of full-grown adults. Children and teenagers also use many of the same electronic devices and electrical appliances as adults and with so many devices being counted on for education purposes at school and for recreation to play video games and communicate with friends through social media platforms, children and teens are getting bombarded with extremely low frequency EMFs on a routine basis from morning to night.

Studies on the effects of these negative energies on children sourced from high voltage power lines, smart appliances, electronic and wireless devices, have indicated an increased risk of childhood leukemia from prolonged exposure.

As the IARC has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a potential cause of cancer in adults and children, the time for taking action to protect you and your family is right now. While more research and studies continue to be performed and conducted, the outlook for a decrease in the sources of EMF energy is unrealistic at best and when it’s become nearly impossible to remove yourself from multiple, endless sources of radio frequency electromagnetic fields and all of the potentially damaging energetic frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum, the importance of protection must now be priority one.

The Best Choice for Protecting Yourself from EMF Exposure

When limiting exposure to EMF is all but impossible and with more symptoms being categorized as associated with or a direct relation to electromagnetic hypersensitivity, isn't it time to get one step ahead of the threat?

You can do that with EMF Harmony protection products that offer real, effective, proven results for harmonizing and neutralizing the potentially hazardous energies found in EMF radiation and strengthening the cellular immunity of the body to reduce the impacts of oxidative stress on your cells.

The key is bioresonance technology, a form of energy that is infused into the materials of every EMF protection product we offer. Using a proprietary energizing process, EMF protection is now a reality in the form of bracelets, pendants, wristbands, and other wearable jewelry, along with harmonizing kits, all designed to give you and your family a safeguard when EMF exposure limits are decreasing by the day.

What makes these products unique and effective is their dual-level technology that provides real protection against the damaging energies found in EMF radiation while supporting the body’s health and well being when EMFs are present.

There are two layers of protection here, the first is classified as Direct Technology which is tasked with harmonizing the negative energies that comprise the electromagnetic radiation in our phones, tablets, wifi routers, mobile phone base stations, 5G towers, that are a constant threat. The second, Adaptive Technology, works by interacting with the natural energies in your body, interacting with your biofield and supporting your body at the cellular level, strengthening the cells and boosting their immunity and healing processes to raise their energies to peak health.

Going Forward

The World Health Organization has issued their warnings and concerns with consistent evidence of potentially hazardous effects on our health from EMF exposure. Now you have a choice to better prepare your home, your workplace, your car, and your loved ones against the emergence of new technologies and more advanced networks that will only emit these harmful by-products of electromagnetic radiation. Do something about it and check out our collection of EMF protection products, suitable for use in every situation you may find yourself where EMF exposure is all but a certainty.

You don't need to risk your health and your family's overall well being. Not anymore. Today is the day you can make a difference and safeguard your family's future.

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