How to protect the body from EMF radiation?

In today’s world where electromagnetic frequency (EMF) is ubiquitous wherever you go, you may ask how to protect yourself from EMF exposure. This is more important than ever with so many research studies demonstrating potential negative health effects from EMF radiation. Learn about the health risks of electromagnetic radiation and discover the ways you can reduce your exposure.

What Everyday Products Emit EMFs?

Unless you live on a remote island, you likely use a cell phone, computer, Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth device or microwave oven. Other household products that emit EMF's include home energy meters (“smart meters”), WiFi-enabled appliances, home theater systems and virtual assistants. You might also live near cell phone towers, which emit high levels of EMF.

How Does EMF Radiation Affect Your Health?

There are many scientific studies that show the connection between EMF radiation and health problems, such as memory and sleep disturbances, an increased risk of brain tumors, immune system dysfunction and reproductive health issues. Evidence also shows a greater risk of cancer, oxidative stress and disrupted heart function.

How Can You Minimize Your Exposure to EMFs?

There are two strategies to protect your body from EMF exposure. One is to minimize your exposure by maintaining as much distance as possible. The other is to use EMF protection products like bio-energetic devices that neutralize the EMF radiation and support the body’s ability to cope.

Tips to Minimize EMF Radiation Exposure

There are several ways you can protect yourself. Take these steps to protect your body from EMFs:

    1. Never hold your cell phone to your head when speaking on it, instead use a wired headset or the speaker phone.
    2. Don’t sleep with your cell phone next to you unless you put it in airplane mode.
    3. Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket or anywhere where it is directly in contact with your body. Keeping it in a purse, backpack or briefcase is much better.
    4. Turn off your WiFi router at night when you sleep. You can do this automatically with a simple outlet timer.
    5. Maintain distance between your body and any EMF source. Don’t use your laptop or tablet directly on your lap. Keep your Wi-Fi router in a remote area of your house. Don’t place your bed near a fuse box, a smart meter outside your home or even near an outlet, if possible. For more ideas see our article “How to protect yourself from EMF in your home?
    6. Use EMF blocking products. There are cases for cell phones, laptops and tablets that have some EMF shielding capabilities. They won’t completely block EMF, but they will minimize it somewhat if you must use them close to your body. There is also EMF shielding clothing, but it is often expensive and uncomfortable. If you have a “smart” utility meter, you can also consider a Faraday cage to help minimize the radiation that it emits.

    What Products Can You Use to Limit EMF Radiation?

    A bio-energetic EMF protection device like the EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet or EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace will neutralize or harmonize the harmful energy from EMF radiation so that it does not damage your body. They will protect you wherever you go, including outside of your home.

    Discover the Best EMF Protection

    For protection wherever you go, we offer EMF protection bracelets, watch bands and pendants. See our extensive research that demonstrates the effectiveness of our proprietary technology, which has been developed and used in Europe for more than 20 years. These products greatly reduce your risk, not by blocking the harmful EMFs, but by neutralizing it and energetically supporting your body for optimal general health.

    EMF Harmony also offers individual protection for various devices and whole house systems.