The Best Devices for Anti-Radiation Protection

As we continue to learn more about the dangers of EMF radiation, companies like EMF Harmony are hard at work devising new safety measures. To this end, not only do we have a better idea of where EMF comes from, but we also have new ways to protect ourselves from these electromagnetic frequencies. Importantly, the most effective anti-radiation protection devices keep you safe wherever you go.

EMF Harmony has developed new ways to harmonize non-ionizing radiation so it is not harmful to your body. To this end, the best anti-radiation protection devices on the market today keep you safe at home and work, as well as in your car. To keep as healthy as possible, you should develop an EMF protection strategy that covers all possible points of exposure.

Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation

To properly understand EMF protection, you must first know the difference between “ionizing” and “non-ionizing” radiation.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, non-ionizing radiation differs from ionizing radiation in the way it acts on materials like air, water, and living tissue. Unlike x-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms and molecules.” Importantly, ionizing radiation is found in x-rays and gamma rays and is strong enough to break chemical bonds. Ionizing radiation is widely known to be dangerous.

Non-ionizing radiation is emitted by the electrical devices that we use every day, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and Bluetooth technology. While scientists are in agreement that ionizing radiation is dangerous, there is also mounting evidence that non-ionizing EMFs can cause bodily harm. To date, medical professionals have shown concern for non-ionizing EMF’s regarding cancer, cellular injury, DNA damage, and more. As society grows increasingly dependent on EMF emitting technologies, our concerns for the health effects of non-ionizing radiation also increase.

EMF Protection Blockers vs Harmonizers

When shopping for the best devices for anti-radiation protection, you must consider products that “block” EMF versus those that “harmonize” EMF's. Importantly, the notion of devices blocking EMF radiation can be quite confusing, or even misleading.

While EMF can be effectively blocked with certain materials like steel and copper, ambient radiation in the atmosphere is far too pervasive to be entirely blocked by a simple protection device. As such, EMF protection devices that claim to block radiation aren’t giving customers the full picture. While a copper pendant will block EMF directly where it is located on your chest, it will still leave the rest of your body exposed.

The best way to protect yourself against the dangers of non-ionizing radiation is through EMF harmonizer devices. Importantly, EMF Harmony utilizes a bio-energetic technology from Europe to neutralize EMF radiation and aid your body against its negative effects. Quite different from products that claim to block EMF, our anti-radiation protection devices alter radiation to make it harmless. As such, EMF Harmony technology will keep you protected from the ambient radiation that is pervasive in the world. To learn more about our EMF protection technology, please read the scientific studies on our Research Page.

What are the Main Categories of EMF Protection Devices?

Now that you know what types of anti-radiation devices work for EMF, you can go to the market and start looking. When shopping, there are some primary categories you should focus on in deciding which devices are best for you and your family.

The main categories of EMF protection devices include:

  • Technology Specific Devices (Example: Wi-Fi Routers)
  • Location Specific Devices (Example: Home, Office, Car)
  • Devices for Popular Brands (Example: Apple Watch)
  • Devices Wearable on Your Body (Example: Pendants, Bracelets)

Depending on the level of your concern for EMF radiation, as well as your budget, you can choose a single device out of these categories or ideally combine several choices. Either way, these categories should act as a blueprint for helping you understand which EMF protection devices will work for your needs.

What is the Best EMF Protection Device for My Phone?

Cell phones have always been one of the primary concerns for EMF radiation. Not only are cell phones used by nearly every person in the world, but they are also held in close proximity to the body when in use. The fact that you hold a cell phone directly next to your brain lends further urgency to utilizing the best anti-radiation device possible.

At EMF Harmony, we understand that you cannot live in today’s society without using a cell phone. Whether it be staying connected at work, or checking in with loved ones, cell phones have become essential. We designed the EMF Harmonizer+ sticker to be placed directly on your cell phone. With our proprietary radiation harmonizing technology, we allow you to enjoy the use of a cellphone while keeping yourself free from the dangers of EMF.

EMF Harmonizer+ specs:

  • ½ in x ½ in stainless steel sticker that is placed directly on your phone
  • Removable / can be moved to another phone
  • Fits beneath cell phone cases
  • Harmonizes EMF radiation from cell phones

What is the Best Wearable Anti-Radiation Device?

Needless to say, EMF radiation is pervasive in today’s society. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, work, or traveling, your body is constantly being bombarded by radiation. While it is always a good idea to protect yourself against specific devices such as cellphones and WiFi routers, we also recommend protecting yourself when you are on the move.

EMF Harmony knows it is impossible to avoid the ambient radiation that pervades the environment today. Even if you have your own devices covered, you have to deal with radiation coming from the millions of cell phones and Bluetooth sources on the planet, not to mention the pervasive cell towers (especially with 5G being rolled out). To help keep you safe from these pervasive EMFs, we created several wearable anti-radiation protection devices.

The EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband is a stylish bracelet made of silicon rubber and a stainless-steel clasp. Wear it wherever you go and keep yourself safe from radiation.

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband specs:

  • Waterproof and durable
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • One size fits all (band can be trimmed down if necessary)
  • Portable radiation protection

The EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace affords mobile EMF protection that is worn around your neck. This anti-radiation device has four embedded energy elements on the back of the pendant. These elements work in unison to harmonize EMF radiation as it comes in contact with your body.

EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace specs:

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Made of waterproof stainless steel
  • One size fits all
  • Effect EMF protection wherever you go

The EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet combines the best attributes of the Harmonizer Mobility Bracelet with the added feature of the four embedded energy elements. This combination maximizes mobile EMF protection wherever you go.

EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet specs:

  • Comfortable and sleek
  • Durable, washable, waterproof
  • One size fits all
  • Embedded energy elements: blue, green, brown, red

How can I Protect Myself at Home and Work?

Modern homes and offices are inundated with sources of EMF radiation. Not only does everyone have a cell phone, but buildings are also equipped with Wi-Fi routers, electric smart meters, and Bluetooth technology. These EMF sources combined make for potentially dangerous conditions inside your home and office.

The EMF Harmonizer+ sticker was engineered to be placed directly on your WiFi router. This technology harmonizes EMF radiation as it is emitted from the router, eliminating the radiation that would otherwise spread through your house.

EMF Harmonizer+ specs:

  • Reusable on other Wi-Fi Routers
  • Small and space-efficient
  • Neutralizes harmful EMF radiation
  • ½ in x ½ in stainless steel sticker placed directly on your WiFi router

The EMF Harmonizer Home & Office is a full package offering that will keep you safe from radiation throughout your home and work. This package has a variety of harmonizer stickers that you place on your fuse box and various outlets around the space to protect yourself against EMF radiation. The number of stickers you receive in the package is commensurate to the size of your home, ranging from 1,500 sq feet to 4,800 sq feet.

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office specs:

  • Neutralizes EMF radiation in your home, including 5G technology, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, Bluetooth technology, and electrical sources
  • Protects your family from EMF radiation in your home, as well as coming from outside of it
  • Reestablishes a healthy balance of positive and negative ions

Can I Protect Against EMF Radiation in My Car?

Modern vehicles are heavily integrated with EMF radiation sources such as Bluetooth technology, WiFi, and cellular connectivity. As soon as you turn the key in the ignition, your car stereo starts searching for your phone. Moreover, your car’s navigation system is often linked with satellites, causing even more exposure to electronic radiation.

EMF Harmony wants you to be able to enjoy modern conveniences such as Bluetooth car stereos, while also keeping yourself protected from radiation. We created the EMF Harmonizer Car to keep you safe while spending time in your vehicle.

EMF Harmonizer Car specs:

  • 3 in x 2.5 in metallic plate
  • Driver protection: place next to driver’s seat
  • Electric and Hybrid Cars: place a second unit in the rear of the car
  • Adhesive backing which you can stick to areas in the car (optional)

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