Limiting Your Radiation Exposure on Flights

Airline Travel EMF Radiation Risks

EMF radiation is a constant threat to people’s health. In today’s society, our lives are intimately bound to radiation emitting technologies that have proven to have negative health effects, including cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and Bluetooth devices. Airline travel is not insulated from these EMF radiation risks - from making your way through security to sitting on the plane.

Add to that the fact that in an airplane you are exposed to higher levels of radiation simply by virtue of being closer to outer space, and EMF protection becomes something important to consider when you are traveling. Most of us can’t live without traveling in this day and age, but there are some things we can do to protect ourselves.

Do You Get Exposed to Radiation While Flying?

There are several ways you get exposed to EMF radiation when flying. The airport itself is an EMF hot spot - thousands of people in a crowded area using WiFi, cell phones, and Bluetooth is an obvious concern. Some scientists and health professionals have expressed concerns about the increased danger of the combined strength and unknown interactions between many radiation sources at once – a topic which has been scarcely researched yet.

Similarly, airport security full-body scanners are a major source of EMF radiation and should be avoided if possible. In the United States you can generally avoid these scanners by joining the TSA Pre program, in which case you walk through magnetic scanners instead.

Airplanes also pose a number of EMF exposure risks, including:

  • Concentrated Wi-Fi signals since most planes offer wireless entertainment and connectivity
  • Microwaves from the electronics in the cockpit
  • Cellular signals from all of the cell phones of the passengers on the plane
  • Natural (but not healthy) radiation from outer space, which becomes stronger as altitude increases

Are Airplane Flights Bad for Your Health?

Both pilots and passengers face real dangers from EMF radiation when flying. This radiation is sourced from technology in the guest cabin as well as the cockpit of the plane.

Airplane Cockpit

Due to the fact that airplane cockpits are full of electronic devices, they pose major threats with EMF radiation. In an article titled “Cockpit Electromagnetic Fields May Be Harming Pilots, The U.S. Military Fears,” Forbes highlights research conducted by the U.S. military on the dangers of radiation. In the article, they reach the unsettling conclusion that radiation might be so pervasive in modern military airplanes that it could cause pilots to crash. It is likely that commercial airliners share much of this dangerous technology.

Guest Cabin

All modern airplanes feature strong Wi-Fi routers that emit EMF radiation throughout the guest cabin. Even more, most passengers are likely using their cellphones before takeoff and after landing, as well as using Bluetooth during the flight with technology such as headphones. These factors combined make the guest cabin of any flight a true danger for EMF.

The point raised earlier about the risks from so many EMF sources in the airport are compounded even further once you get on the plane. Now you are enclosed in metal casing which is causing all the EMF radiation to remain trapped within the plane and bounce around and interact. It is a bit like riding in a microwave oven…

How Can You Protect Yourself from Radiation Exposure when Flying?

To protect yourself when flying, it’s best to prepare yourself before leaving on a trip. This plan will help you avoid unnecessary exposure to EMF radiation, while also safeguarding yourself with the appropriate protection devices.

Opt-Out of Security X-rays

The most dangerous airport security machines are backscatter x-ray scanners. These machines use ionizing radiation to scan your body for hidden weapons, etc. This is problematic because ionizing radiation “has the energy and other properties capable of damaging DNA and leading to cancer.” The dangers of ionizing radiation are extremely well-documented by both scientists and doctors.

Many airports now use body scanners with millimeter-wave technology, which use non-ionizing radiation in the form of low-level radio waves instead of X-rays. The problem is that non-ionizing radiation has negative health consequences as well, and you don’t know which airport has which type of body scanning machine.

To avoid the potential of armful exposure to ionizing radiation from scanners at the airport, you can request to skip the scanning process. The TSA is legally bound to let passengers circumvent this step and instead opt for a manual body inspection. However, if you plan on skipping x-ray scans, prepare to be held up in security for longer than normal while waiting for a pat down.

As mentioned earlier, you can also join the TSA Pre trusted traveler program, which most often means you walk through a magnetic scanner rather than get a full body scan. This is definitely better from an EMF exposure perspective and is worth taking the time to join the program.

What is the Best EMF Protection for Flying?

There are several wearable EMF protection devices you can utilize for air travel. The benefit of these products is that they protect your health from all the EMFs you are exposed to from the many sources you face while traveling.

The EMF protection jewelry from EMF Harmony will neutralize the EMF radiation you are exposed to, as well as provide overall support to your body’s health from the EMF exposure. You may also be interested in reviewing our EMF protection research studies that demonstrate these protective effects.

To keep yourself protected at the airport and on the plane, we recommend wearing the EMF Harmonizer Pendant Necklace or Mobility+ Bracelet. These stylish pieces of jewelry will keep you safe from WiFi signals, Bluetooth radiation, and electromagnetic frequencies throughout your travels.

At EMF Harmony, we understand that airline travel is a necessary part of life. Whether you are flying for work or pleasure, you should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself against EMF radiation exposure.

If you have additional questions about EMF radiation and protection, don't hesitate to contact us.

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