Are Wireless Headphones Safe?

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Wireless Headphones Radiation Protection

In the modern era, we find ourselves constantly inundated with new technologies. Both at home and at work, people are increasingly dependent on devices such as cell phones, wireless internet, and Bluetooth devices.

While these technologies are undoubtedly convenient, we still have very little understanding of how they might affect the human body. To this end, while we can enjoy such modern conveniences as text messaging, social media, and online research, we must also balance the use of technology with ample protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

At EMF Harmony, we have done a good deal of research into the potential health risks of EMF radiation from Bluetooth wireless headphones (and ear buds). We have discovered that there is no way to block EMF radiation coming from wireless headphones. To help curb the adverse risks of EMFs, we developed bioenergetic products that instead neutralize radiation from wireless headphones.

Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Safe?

Over the last decade, the use of Bluetooth devices has exploded in popularity. This equipment is used to create wireless connectivity between mobile devices and speakers. And of course Bluetooth technology has also grown increasingly popular in wireless headphones and earbuds.

Unfortunately, wireless Bluetooth earbuds were generally deemed harmless before we had a chance to adequately research their potential impacts on the human body. But according to research conducted on the website Healthline, EMF emission from wireless headphones can lead to a number of health problems. These maladies include cancer, neurological disorders, memory problems, genetic deformities, and more.

What Kind of Radiation Do Bluetooth Devices Emit?

Bluetooth headphones emit a very specific type of nonionizing EMF’s known as radio-frequency radiation (RFR). While RFR is weaker than the EMF emission found with cellphones and wireless routers, it poses its own unique risks to people.

At EMF Harmony, we are concerned about the effects of RFR radiation due to the close proximity within which Bluetooth headphones are positioned to the brain. This notion is exacerbated when you wear wireless headphones or earbuds for extended amounts of time - such as at work and when driving.

Many believe that consistent, long-term exposure to RFR frequencies can have detrimental health effects. To this end, a 2018 study conducted by the National Toxicology Program showed RFR to cause cancer in laboratory rats.

What are the Dangers of EMF Exposure on the Brain?

While studies into the risks of EMF contact with the brain are still in their infancy, scientists have uncovered some troubling findings. According to a study which appeared in the journal Nature, consistent contact with EMF emissions and the brain could lead to changes in nerve function. In turn, these alterations can adversely affect things like sleep patterns and mood stability.

Other studies show a loose connection between high rates of cellphone exposure and glioma type cancer in the brain and spinal cord. Of particular concern is the fact that these tumors seem to grow on the same sides of the brain where cellphones were positioned for the studies. For more information you can read our full blog post “Does cell phone radiation affect our brain’s activity?”.

Overall, we still have a good deal to learn about the potential risks of EMF exposure on the brain. Yet, given the research available on the negative health effects of EMF radiation exposure in general, we believe it is best to be cautious.

How Can I Protect Myself?

For those who choose to use wireless headphones or earbuds EMF Harmony offers a product designed specifically to provide EMF protection for those devices, called the EMF Harmonizer Audio. Although it is not possible to block EMF radiation from the headphones or earbuds (because then they would not work), the EMF Harmonizer Audio will neutralize the EMF's so that the negative health effects are minimized and your body is protected.

The team at EMF harmony is devoted to helping protect you from the adverse effects of EMF radiation. We have years of dedicated research and product development within the field of EMF safety. Please check out our website and contact us with any questions.

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