Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Our Brain’s Activity?

Cell Phone EMF Radiation Health Risks

We have become very accustomed to using cell phones. Most of us use our devices all day, every day, and don’t give much thought to how it affects our health — and this includes our brain health. What does cell phone radiation do to your brain? Research has found that cell phone radiation penetrates the brain and can cause health damage.

This is especially true for children since their brains are less developed, but adults can be affected as well. Health concerns from the types of EMF radiation emitted by smart phones can include memory loss, headache, sleep disorders, skin cancer, tumors, genetic damage, increased blood pressure, a weakened immune system and more. Therefore, it is important to understand cell phone radiation effects on the brain and what can be done to minimize or eliminate these health effects.

What is Cell Phone Radiation? Can it Damage Your Brain? (Ionizing vs. Non-ionizing)

Unlike the ionizing radiation of ultraviolet rays and X-rays, the radio frequency (RF) from cell phones produces non-ionizing radiation, but even that can be harmful to your health. Cell phones are used daily and often held to the ear, right against your head. Human studies show an increased risk of brain cancer for those who use their devices at least 30 minutes a day.

How Does Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Cause Brain Damage?

Radiation exposure from cell phone use has been shown to increase oxidative stress, damaging brain cells and DNA by producing peroxides and free radicals. Oxidative stress is widely known to cause many ailments, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer.

Are Children at Increased Risk of Brain Cancer from Cell Phone Radiation?

More than half of all U.S. kids have their own smartphone by the time they reach the age of 11. A child’s skull is not yet fully developed and is significantly thinner than the skull of an adult. Their brain marrow is also more vulnerable to EMF radiation from the electromagnetic fields emitted from cell phones. Because of this, children are at a greater risk of developing brain cancer and tumors from cell phone use. Wireless radiation has been shown to penetrate deeper into children’s brains.

Isn’t Cell Phone Radiation Regulated by the Government?

Although our government regulates cell phones, the rules are based on adult male modeling of thermal (heat-related) effects to the head, measured as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). However, there are thousands of studies that indicate non-thermal adverse effects of cell phones. Government regulations are also based on short-term studies, ignoring any long-term and cumulative effects. In addition, government studies of cell phone radiation aren’t realistic as to how the devices are used (for an extended time, and often against the ear or kept in a pocket while still transmitting).

Countries outside the U.S. have much lower radiation limits. For example, in Europe, electric field exposure limits are half what they are here, and magnetic field limits are 90 percent lower.

Is Cancer the Only Thing We Should Be Worried About?

Health risk factors from mobile phone radiation exposure is not limited to cancer. A wide range of research regarding usage has found increased risk for reproductive system and immune system damage, memory and cognition impairment, hearing loss and behavioral issues.

How Can I Protect My Brain from Cell Phone Radiation?

To minimize brain damage and cancer risk from your device, you can limit use, which is difficult for most people. Another way to protect yourself is to use the speaker feature or a wired headset or earbuds to keep it away from your head. You can also use an EMF protection device to neutralize the damaging effects of radiation coming from the phone.

The EMF Harmony Solution for Cell Phone Radiation

You can minimize your potential health issues with a cell phone protection sticker from EMF Harmony. The Harmonizer+ is based on proprietary technology that neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. The technology has been documented in research studies to provide protective health effects when using a cell phone.

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