What is the Best EMF Protection?

You are exposed to many types of EMF radiation in your life, so it is important to have an EMF protection strategy to protect your health, especially with the advent of high frequency 5G technology on the horizon. There are now many respected scientific studies demonstrating potential negative effects of EMF exposure. Since we cannot escape exposure to EMF radiation in today’s world, using effective EMF protection methods is important.

Here are the steps for the best EMF protection strategy:

1. Try to reduce the amount of EMF radiation that you are exposed to.

Here are a few simple things that can make a big difference in lowering your EMF exposure:
  • Don’t hold the cell phone to your head when talking, use a wired and preferably air tube headset.
  • Don’t sleep with your cell phone near you at night (unless it is in airplane mode).
  • Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket or against your body (unless it is in airplane mode).
  • Turn your WiFi router off at night. You may use a simple outlet timer so that it happens automatically.
  • Try to avoid having your utility company install smart meters on your house.

2. Utilize EMF protection products that neutralize or harmonize EMF radiation.

Such protection devices will generally use a bio-energetic technology to transform the energy of the radiation so that it does not cause damage to your health. They do not block the EMF’s, they simply neutralize, or harmonize, them. Some examples of such devices are:
  • Small stickers or diodes that you apply to your cellphone, router, computer, etc.
  • Wristbands or pendant necklaces that protect the body from EMF exposure of all types.
  • Products for the Apple Watch or other wireless watches and wrist devices.
  • Products for your home that create a protected area within it for all inhabitants from all forms of EMF’s.
  • There are many of these EMF protection devices on the market, but you need to ensure they are proven to work by tests or studies documenting that they actually improve health measurements in the presence of harmful radiation.

3. Utilize products that block EMF radiation.

There are products available that will block some or all of the radiation that a device may emit, and some that even attempt to block the radiation in a large area like a room, or on your body, etc. The issue is that if you block EMF radiation completely then your wireless devices will not function, and other blocking techniques tend to be costly and challenging. Here are some types of EMF blockers to consider:
  • Special cell phone EMF protection cases as well as iPad and laptop EMF pads, etc. that act as a radiation shield. These are worth having if you often use the devices in close proximity to your body, but they don’t block a significant amount of radiation.
  • Pants, shirts, caps, and other clothes that block radiation.
  • Paint, special metallic EMF shielding or cloth that block radiation.
  • Faraday cage for your utility smart meter(s).

4. Find a building biologist to do an assessment of the EMF’s in your home.

There are specially trained consultants that will come to your house to assess the radiation levels there and recommend possible solutions. The Building Biology Institute has a list of such consultants that they have trained here::

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