What Can I Do to Protect Myself from 5G?

5G Protection News

You’ve probably heard about the massive rollout of 5G technology. But 5G technology has a dark side that you don’t hear much about. There have been many studies that have found dangerous health effects from the RF radiation that’s emitted from cell phone towers, cell phones and other wireless devices. But is it possible to limit 5G exposure in an increasingly hyper-connected world?

What is 5G?

The latest generation of cell phone infrastructure, 5G, enables faster wireless connections for streaming movies, uploading videos and connecting a multitude of smart devices. Unlike 4G, 5G uses low-, mid- and high-band frequencies to transmit wireless signals. The higher frequencies consist mostly of millimeter waves, which can transmit large amounts of data over short distances. Since these higher frequencies can be blocked by buildings, the technology requires many small antennas, which can be placed on streetlights and on top of buildings.

Health Dangers of 5G Technology

Little is known about the long-term effects of millimeter wave (MMW) radiation. Some studies have found that MMWs have an effect on cellular growth, due to the absorption of MMWs into the top 1 to 2 millimeters of the skin. Other studies have found that millimeter waves cause hypersensitivity as well as biological effects. In 2019, doctors and scientists from 47 nations called for a moratorium on 5G, due to the increased health risks on top of what is already known about earlier wireless technology.

How to Protect Yourself From 5G

The basic steps for protecting yourself from 5G include keeping your distance from cell phone towers and limiting the time spent using wireless devices. Living in a dense urban area or even most suburban areas will make keeping your distance from the 5G towers difficult, but when possible you can certainly consider cell phone tower locations when choosing your residence. Some communities are also actively fighting the deployment of 5G, so if yours is one of them then join the movement!

Here are some additional practical steps for limiting your exposure to 5G:

  • Turn off 5G on your phone. You can read our article on how to do this here.
  • Regardless of whether you have 5G on or off on your phone, always keep the phone away from your body as much as possible. You can do this by using wired earbuds or headphones or by using the speaker phone feature.
  • Do not carry your phone in your pocket or other area close to your body.
  • Turn off your cell phone at night, or at least put it in airplane mode. And don’t sleep with it next to your bed if it is on, especially if it is not in airplane mode.
  • Use airplane mode at home or work where you are always connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can still make calls and send and receive texts by enabling Wi-Fi calling. All communication will then go over the Wi-Fi network and your phone will not emit 5G signals.

But in today’s world, it’s unfortunately not possible to shield yourself completely from 5G. Fortunately, there is another way.

What is 5G Protection?

Although there’s probably no way to totally avoid 5G, fortunately you don’t have to. EMF Harmony offers 5G EMF protection that effectively neutralizes RF radiation while promoting good health. The EMF Harmonizer uses a bio-energetic approach, developed in Europe, that harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies of EMF radiation to minimize the impact on your health and protect your home from 5G.

Adaptive Technology is a second layer of protection that supports the body’s cells and brings their energy to an optimal level. Since EMF Harmony technology operates at a subatomic level, it does not affect the operation of wireless devices.