Instructions & FAQs for EMF Harmonizer+

Instructions for Installing the Harmonizer+

  • The EMF Harmonizer+ should be placed on the back of your cell phone. If you use a cell phone case simply place it between the case and the phone (with the top facing out from the phone), which makes it easy to transfer to another phone later. You can also stick it to the back of the phone. To expose the adhesive backing, peel off the piece of white film on the back. If it won't fit between the phone and case, it is okay to stick it to the outside of the case.
  • The ideal location is near the bottom of the back side, underneath any case you may have. Having a case covering it will not impact the effectiveness of the Harmonizer+. If the case is secure and you don't remove it much then you don't have to use the adhesive backing, you can simply leave the Harmonizer+ pressed between the phone and the case. This makes it easier to move to another phone in the future.
  • If you use a wireless charging station, it is important to put it near the bottom on the back of the phone and not in the center so that it does not block the charging function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move the Harmonizer+ to a new phone?

  • Yes, it can be moved to a new phone. By simply placing the chip between your phone and case it can be easily moved to a new phone when you get one. If you used the adhesive to stick it to your phone, in most cases you can remove it by carefully using a razor blade or knife to pry/scrape it off, and the adhesive backing will generally still be sticky. Depending on the surface it was stuck to and the amount of time it was there in may not be possible to remove it without damaging it.

What is the difference between the Harmonizer, Harmonizer+, and Harmonizer Ultra?

  • The Harmonizer Ultra is designed for the most powerful emitters of EMF radiation in your life - those that broadcast over a wide area or that emit a large amount of EMFs. The Harmonizer+ is designed specifically for cell phones, which are also powerful emitters of EMFs but not as strong as those for which the Ultra is designed. The Harmonizer is for less powerful emitters of EMFs that communicate using WiFi or Bluetooth but are not broadcasting signals over a wide area - this includes wireless devices like laptops, tablets, computers, monitors, "smart" appliances, wireless speakers, etc. However for iPads, tablets or laptops with cellular connectivity the Harmonizer+ is appropriate since they emit similar EMF levels as a cell phone.

How long will the Harmonizer+ last?

  • The product will work effectively indefinitely, but the technology is updated regularly. Given the rapid pace of technological change today, we recommend replacing it approximately every five years.

How many Harmonizer+ stickers come in each box?

  • Each box contains one sticker for one device.

If I have the Harmonizer+ do I still need the other products?

  • The Harmonizer+ is not designed to replace the other devices, as the different devices have different areas of focus. The primary focus of the Harmonizer+ is to harmonize the electromagnetic radiation of the cell phone to which it is attached. The purpose of our EMF protection jewelry is to support your body when you are moving around in the world so that it can better manage the stress of EMF exposure. In the case of the Home & Office and EMF Harmonizer Car, a protected field is created where all people (and pets) are protected through a combination of harmonizing the EMF radiation and support for the body.

    Since all of the products work together synergistically, for maximum protection you would ultimately add all of the products. This is especially true if you live in an area with high EMF exposure, such as an area where 5G technology has been deployed.

PLEASE NOTE:  The use of EMF Harmony products does not eliminate the need to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. As with any environmental toxin, minimizing your exposure to EMFs is an important part of a strategy for supporting your long-term health.
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