What is the Best EMF Protection for Cell Phones?

Cell phones are currently used by 96 percent of the U.S. population. More than half of children in the country own a smartphone by the time they reach their 11th birthday, as do 84 percent of teenagers. Many scientific studies have shown that cell phones and wireless devices pose serious health risks. Fortunately, EMF protection for cell phones will help to protect you and your family.

Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation and is it Harmful?

Mobile phones emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation, also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF's). Our nonstop use of these devices (cell phones, microwave ovens, computers, smart meters, Wi-Fi networks, etc.) means that we are constantly bombarded with EMFs.

A large body of scientific research shows the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, including memory impairment, behavioral issues, headaches, oxidative stress and heart damage. There has also been research into the carcinogenic risks of non-ionizing radiation.

The next generation of mobile devices will use 5G technology, which will connect all internet devices together. The 5G networks, which includes various frequencies, are being quickly installed. Many scientists are sounding alarms about the possible dangers to public health.

Mobile Phone EMF Protection Tips

Your cellphone is a powerful emitter of EMF radiation, especially when you are on a call. To stay safe, follow these radiation protection practices for your mobile device, such as keeping it away from your body, not sleeping near it, and using EMF protection:

1. Maintain distance from your body - this is easily done by following these steps:

  • Don’t hold your phone to your ear. Use the speakerphone or a headset, preferably a wired headset, since wireless headsets also emit EMF's.
  • Don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket or anywhere against your body. It is best to carry it in a purse, backpack, briefcase, etc.
  • Don’t sleep next to your cell phone. Or if you do, put it in airplane mode, which eliminates most of the EMF’s it emits.

2. Use an anti-radiation phone case that reduces the EMF radiation from one side of the phone when it is closed. This is helpful when you must hold it to your ear or carry it on your body, but only if you use it appropriately (keep the case closed and keep the front facing your body).

    3. Use an EMF protection device, such as the EMF Harmonizer Plus cellphone sticker, that neutralizes EMF radiation so that it doesn’t have the harmful effects on your body’s health. These are generally small stickers that you attach to the bottom of the phone under the case. Find a brand with research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the device.

    What Materials Are Used to Block Cell Phone Radiation?

    Certain materials, such as copper, silver, Mylar and aluminum, can block EMF radiation. However, these materials are so effective at blocking EMF's that your phone won’t be able to receive a signal, or it will be greatly weakened (which can more problems, see below). An alternative is an EMF protection device that neutralizes EMF's.

    Can Anti-Radiation Stickers or EMF Cell Phone Cases Protect from 5G?

    An EMF blocking phone case will also block the signal. When your phone loses its signal, it will attempt to re-establish a connection, emitting even greater radiation. Anti-radiation EMF stickers neutralize the electromagnetic radiation without affecting signal quality. They protect you from 5G in addition to older 3G and 4G technologies.

    Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation with Products from EMF Harmony

    EMF Harmony’s EMF protection products are based on proven technology. They work bio-energetically at the sub-atomic level to neutralize EMF radiation and protect your health. We offer EMF Harmonizers ranging from wristbands and pendants to devices for your home, car and office.