What Does EMF Protection Mean?

EMF Protection

You take steps to protect yourself from illness and disease every day. Wash your hands regularly. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors. Why? Because these actions help to prevent you from getting sick. You don't necessarily feel any different, you just know you're doing the right thing to preserve your overall health and wellness.

Taking precautions against the harmful effects of EMF radiation is no different. You are taking the necessary steps to protect yourself from the increasing proliferation of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation that is all around us. We rely on so many devices that are emitting consistent levels of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation that we are making it increasingly more difficult to avoid constant exposure from every direction.

But what is that doing to our bodies and how much damage are we causing over the long-term? We are seeing more studies pointing to the potential negative consequences of increased exposure to EMF in both adults and children as the scientific community continues their research on this issue.

These studies are providing further insight into the biological impacts from this type of radiation - from the potential for carcinogenic, neurological, and reproductive damage to permanent hormonal, immunity and behavioral changes.

Methods for Protection

An easy solution for protecting ourselves has been suggested time and again – just move away from the main sources of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and becoming all the more difficult as modern technology grows more advanced and relied upon by the general public as an essential component of our modern, everyday lifestyles.

Think of all the devices with which we interact and use on a daily basis. Consider how you are reading this article right now. You're using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer to view the content, a Wi-Fi router providing the signal that allows for those devices to access this web page, even the charger or AC plug that you are using to keep these devices charged and ready to go. Now think about how often you are using all of these devices on a weekly basis, a daily basis, an hourly basis.

All of these are sources of EMF radiation and the chronic levels of exposure to the energy from this form of extremely low-frequency radiation are bombarding your body at a cellular level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But that's just the beginning - your microwave oven, your smart TV, any appliances that have modern, state of the art technological capability are giving off some form of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. It all adds up.

This is just the level of exposure to which you are prone inside of your home. Step outside and the sources of potential exposure increase exponentially.

So although you always want to minimize your exposure as much as you can, the idea of completely moving away from the threat is unrealistic in our current modern society. The more practical alternative is finding ways to protect yourself and your family against the sources of EMF radiation that we know exist and acknowledge as essential to our daily lives.

That means taking precautions through methods targeting the life energies within the body that can help boost our natural immunity against the consequences of chronic EMF exposure while reducing the harmful impacts of the energies contained in these sources of radiation to minimize their damaging effects. A dual-level approach to EMF protection.

EMF Harmony has led the way in the development of innovative and effective EMF protection technology to target and neutralize the elevated risks of constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

EMF Protection and the Biofield

You have a biofield. Every living thing contains a biofield. So what is it and how does it play a role in providing EMF protection? The studies of quantum theory and human biology have proven that every one of us vibrates with a complex series of bioenergetic frequencies that help guide our evolutionary track and can be manipulated to help with healing. These vibrating energies are found in our cellular structures, and the atoms that build these structures remain in constant motion, resulting in morphic fields that connect all of the tissues and vital systems throughout the body. It is these morphic fields that incorporate the physical and psychological facets of life.

Targeting and manipulating the biofield as a means for healing the human body has been in practice for centuries. But only now in the modern era is it being embraced and studied at the scientific level as a solution for healing and protection against a wide range of harmful health impacts. This includes the damage potentially caused by chronic exposure to extremely low-frequency EMF radiation.

Biofield therapies are not new but the renewed interest in their ability to heal the body through non-invasive methods has led to breakthroughs in understanding the capabilities that biofield and bioenergetic therapies can have on restoring and protecting the human body.

Non-invasive forms of biofield manipulation therapy are at the forefront of EMF protection with the line of EMF Harmony wearables that have been infused with the company's proprietary dual-level technology, targeting the biofield to protect from the negative, damaging effects of EMF radiation that surrounds us in our homes and everywhere we go.

EMF Harmony Dual-Level Technology Protection

Wearables in the form of bracelets, pendants and wristbands from EMF Harmony's collection of EMF protection jewelry have been designed using a combination of Direct and Adaptive technology. Each component of this Dual-Level technological approach to protect against EMF radiation utilizes energetic vibrations that are intended to interfere with the potency of the energies coming from the EMF radiation and influence or enhance the energies of the cellular make up within the body to fortify immunity.

In the case of Direct technology, the damaging frequencies from the radiation are harmonized to reduce the threat of negative impact on the body. The Adaptive level of the technology is designed to boost the cellular energy of the body, increasing the strength of the biofield to ward off the impact from the extremely low-frequency radiation. The latter form of protection taps into similar biofield therapies that have been in practice for centuries for the same purpose of non-invasive healing through biofield manipulation.

The wearables are made from materials in which this energetic information has been embedded and the energies emitted from the necklace, bracelet, or wristband using vibrational frequencies that occur at the sub-atomic level.

This is where the energy is altered for the desired result. Since the effect is taking place at the sub-atomic level, the devices emitting EMF radiation continue to operate without interruption. These wearables are not intended nor designed to block EMF radiation energy.

Feeling a Difference

Many individuals may not feel any different once they start wearing EMF protection. It all depends on the individual's sensitivity to EMF radiation and its impacts on the body. Every individual is different and feeling the effects of the energies may vary. Some may feel a significant difference, others may feel a very small change.

But keep in mind, washing your hands protects from spreading germs and picking up viruses. Wearing sunscreen protects from skin cancer. You don't feel the differences unless you get sick or see visible signs of melanoma or other symptoms of carcinogenic impacts that may require treatment.

You may not feel the difference when you are protected, but without protection you may be increasing the risk of health issues directly associated with chronic, excessive exposure to EMF radiation.

Consider your options, then decide what EMF protection means to you and take the appropriate steps to safeguard yourself and the ones you love.

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