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Electromagnetic Radiation Protection for Pets Dogs Cats

EMF protection technology has come a long way in the last few years. With companies like EMF Harmony putting time and resources into researching electromagnetic radiation protection technology, people have more options protect themselves. While this progress is doubtlessly exciting, society on the whole is still lacking in adequate EMF protection products for pets.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that our pets are also immersed in a world of dangerous EMF radiation. Yes, the same health risks posed by cell phones, electrical lines, and WiFi routers to humans are also threats to our beloved pets.

Are My Pets at Risk of Electromagnetic Radiation?

When considering the risks of living in our technology-laden society, we usually forget about our pets. Whether it be breathing smog or absorbing EMF radiation, the same things that present risks to people are usually dangerous for animals as well. This notion is particularly true in busy urban and suburban areas with high densities of EMF emitting devices.

Regardless of where you live, it’s a good idea to pay careful attention to EMF radiation and your pet’s health. Research studies have shown EMF radiation to have adverse health effects on animals as well as people, so it is important to take appropriate steps to protect your pets. This means not only keeping them away from concentrated electromagnetic waves, but also protecting them with the appropriate tools and products.

What Health Problems Can Pets Have from EMF Radiation?

Just as seen with humans, EMF radiation can cause a number of health problems with pets. For example, both people and animals suffer from cancer. As medical professionals continue to study this terrible disease, there have been some alarming findings concerning EMF radiation. For starters, studies have shown conclusive evidence linking cell phone radiation to tumors in rats. Even more, the World Health Organization has classified electromagnetic radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Pet Protector EMF Collar Tag for Dogs Cats

Another ailment that arises with continued exposure to EMF radiation is electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). According to this study listed on the National Library of Medicine website, EHS “is a phenomenon characterized by the appearance of symptoms after exposure of people to electromagnetic fields.” The disorder has “symptoms including both acute and chronic inflammatory processes located mainly in the skin and nervous systems, as well as in respiratory, cardiovascular systems, and musculoskeletal systems.”

As our understanding of electromagnetic hypersensitivity continues to grow, it’s critical to look into how this ailment affects animals. Importantly, many animal species are known to be more sensitive than people to electromagnetic waves. As such, its likely certain pets are suffering greatly from the negative effects of EHS, but of course they have no way to communicate it to us.

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that many of the thousands of studies linking EMF exposure to various adverse health effects have been conducted on animals like mice and rats – under the obvious assumption that what is observed in their health is likely to apply to humans. The reverse is also true of course, so all of the studies documenting health damage in humans would also apply to our pets.

Are EMF Tags Effective for Protecting My Pets?

There are very few products on the market today designed for EMF protection for pets. To answer this call, EMF Harmony put serious time and resources into developing the EMF Harmonizer Pet Tag. This simple and affordable product works much the same way as our wearable EMF protection devices for humans.

Utilizing bio-energetic technology, EMF Harmonizer Pet Tags neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves as they make contact with your pet’s body, as well as provide overall support to your pet’s health so that it can better manage the stress of EMF exposure. Therefore, these wearable products will give your pets EMF protection wherever they go from all sources of EMF radiation.

Special features of EMF Harmonizer Pet Tags include:

  • EMF protection from 5G radiation
  • One size that fits on any pet collar for any size dog or cat
  • Stainless steel ring is included to attach the tag to the collar
  • Waterproof and durable construction
  • Lasts for the life of your pet, no need to replace or recharge it

EMF Harmony sells the EMF Harmonizer Pet Tag as a single item or in packs of three. Get a discount when purchasing multiple pendants and protect all of your pets from EMF radiation.

EMF Protection for Pets & EMF Hotspots

Another great way to shield your pets against the dangers of EMF radiation is by keeping them away from EMF hotspots. This process involves researching the places in your home that have the most EMF radiation - then taking proactive steps to keep your pets away from them.

EMF hotspots are the places in your home with multiple EMF radiation sources. To illustrate, home offices often have desktop computers, Bluetooth speakers, WiFi routers, and wireless printers – not to mention your cell phone. Of these devices, the WiFi routers and cell phones are the two largest emitters of electromagnetic radiation in most homes. To protect your pets from harmful EMF radiation, it’s best they don’t spend a majority of their time in close vicinity to these devices.

A great way to protect your pets from major sources of EMF radiation is to keep their beds, toys, and play areas in safe regions of the house. In doing so, you will encourage them to spend their time far away from EMF hotspots.

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