EMF Radiation Effects on Water Crystal Structure

Water Crystal Analysis Dr Emoto

The world-renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto pioneered the microscopic analysis of water crystals using high-speed photography. In his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” he famously documented how the molecular structure of water is influenced by external energetic factors such as human emotions, environmental pollution - and EMF radiation.

Water is directly influenced by the energy it is exposed to, as is all matter (including humans). Using water crystal photography, we can directly observe the effects of positive or negative energy on water by plainly seeing its crystalline structure (or lack thereof). A well-formed water crystal is a sign of positive energy and good health, and of course a deformed and/or cloudy crystal structure is a sign of the water having been exposed to negative and damaging energy.

EMF Harmony commissioned a series of water crystal images from an institute in Switzerland that has the necessary equipment. The goal was to document some of the negative effects of EMF radiation on the energy of water, and also the effects of the EMF Harmony technology on reducing those effects. Below are some of the images that were obtained.

The most striking result is in the series of bottom images where you can clearly see that the energetic influence of the EMF Harmony Harmonizer+ actually restored the water to its natural energetic state after it had been damaged by EMF radiation exposure. And note that the water was still being exposed to EMF radiation, only the Harmonizer+ was neutralizing the EMFs and actually returning the water to a healthier state.

This is an example of what we call our Adaptive Technology, where in addition to neutralizing the negative energy from the EMF radiation our products are actually transmitting beneficial, health-promoting energy into their environment (which includes your body). Similar results have been seen in the health of humans in some of our other research studies.

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