A Day in the Life: How Home EMF Protection Kits Can Be Integrated into Daily Routines

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The amount of EMF radiation you can encounter in just one twenty-four hour period can be staggering. Think about all of the ways in which you are exposed to this type of energy throughout your daily routine. The sources of EMF radiation in today’s world are becoming ever more prevalent as our smartphones, tablets, wi-fi routers, kitchen appliances, smart TV’s, and laptop computers are constantly emitting electromagnetic radiation.

And that’s just what you are exposed to in your home, it doesn’t include how much EMF radiation you interact with as you step outside or enter your workplace. What about your motor vehicle? Today’s cars are becoming increasingly dependent on electronic components, touchscreens, and internal operating systems that incorporate more wireless and electronic devices into their design features, chances are your exposure to EMF radiation has never been more severe.

But with EMF protection kits from EMF Harmony, you can safeguard your health against the potentially damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation. These kits are ideal for use in home, office, and cars, all of the places where you spend a majority of your day and may be exposed to the highest concentrations of EMFs.

Whole House EMF Protection Kits - How They Work

When you install one of our EMF protection kits in your home, you are creating an EMF-free zone with a series of carbon plates that you place in various rooms to protect your home from the EMF radiation that is emanating from your wireless devices and 5G technology.

Not only do these kits protect you against the EMF’s from inside the residence, they will also safeguard you from the EMFs that are sourced from outside the residence too! Cell phone towers, power lines, digital billboards, even your neighbors’ wi-fi routers and servers from next door.

Each kit contains one large carbon plate and a number of smaller plates, 4, 7, 10, or 13, depending on the kit you choose to purchase. The kit you select should be based on the amount of square footage you want to protect from EMF radiation.

These plates have been infused with a proprietary bioresonance energetic information that offers an infinite source of bioenergetic frequencies that work in two ways, to both harmonize the negative, harmful energies in the EMF radiation and strengthen the body’s biofield at the cellular level.

No, these plates do not block EMFs, otherwise your wireless devices and connectivity networks would cease to function properly - and then what good would this technology be since we rely so heavily on those devices and networks through our daily routines.

There’s no denying that we constantly depend on our electronic devices and wireless routers and smart TV’s and all of these other technological marvels all day long. Our daily routines wouldn’t be the same without all of our latest and greatest technological gadgets, but with so many researchers and scientists growing more concerned about the long-term health consequences of prolonged EMF exposure, it’s become more important than ever to protect yourself.

Why Don’t the Home & Office Kits Block EMF Radiation?

First of all, people might be reluctant to use EMF protection if it meant their wireless devices stopped working correctly. But the real reason these kits harmonize EMF radiation instead of blocking it is because our proprietary bioresonance technology works on a quantum level.

That means the particles in the bioenergetic frequencies that are coming from the plates are so microscopic and lack the structural integrity to physically block the negative energies in the EMF radiation. Instead, the bioenergetic frequencies in our EMF protection kits work to harmonize the energy in the EMF’s, reducing the damaging effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

In the end, the EMF radiation is far less harmful and you can still use your smartphone, laptop, whatever you rely on throughout your daily routine.

Protect Yourself Without Interrupting Your Daily Routine

Our Home & Office and Carbon+ whole house EMF protection kits are available for use in the home and the office. All you need is the square footage of the home or workspace in which you spend most of your time and you can order the kit that offers the coverage for keeping that space EMF-free.

The plates come with adhesive backings so you can place the main plate and the smaller plates in the locations that work best for protecting yourself, your family, and your co-workers. Available in four sizes, these home EMF protection kits are the best protection for safeguarding your health in this highly technological world.

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