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EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband
Cyndee S. (Chester, US)
Very awesome company to work with.

I purchase a necklace and a bracelet. I feel after wearing them both for a month. That they have really helped me. I don't have the headaches that I use to get when working around my computer at work and my cell phone. Highly recommend.

EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband
Teresa B. (Portland, US)
Apple Watch Band

While wearing the Apple Watch, I could sense a vibration on my arm. I was certainly NOT able to sleep with it on. As soon as I put the EMF band on, I noticed a shift towards less tension in my arm. I was also able to sleep better, but even with the watch band my sleep is still disturbed. The band helps during the day, and at night, I simply have to take the watch off.

EMF Harmonizer for Cars
Taina K. (Chanhassen, US)
This has helped my fatigue on the car soooooooo much!

I used to hate driving and was tired EVERY time I drove my car no matter what time of the day. After putting my Car EMF protectant in, my fatigue is greatly reduced in the car. I will never own a car again without one of these.

EMF Harmonizer+ for Cell Phones
Amber D. (Omaha, US)
Amazing Product

I love these! Put them on our phones and they truly work- without them it can cause great damage to your body and I’d highly recommend getting one for each device!


I just got my first smart watch and I wanted to be sure that something I wear nearly 24/7 wasn’t affecting all the hard work I’ve been doing to clean up my health! I feel like I have noticed a huge difference in just 2 weeks!!

EMF Harmonizer Audio
Marissao3@aol.com (Dallas, US)
Peace Of Mind

These bring me a lot of peace of mind and I feel like it’s making a difference. I like how small these are too.

EMF Harmonizer+ for Cell Phones
Koslowski (Apple Valley, US)

The dimensions and thickness seems appropriate. It fits between the phone and phone case to avoid sticking directly to the phone. Feeling a little better about life by setting and forgetting it.

Pleased wtih my purchase

I used to feel a huge wave of headaches around my wifi router. Since placing this on on the router I've significantly reduced my headaches and overall sense of feeling 'off' around the area.

EMF Harmonizer for Cars
M C. (South San Francisco, US)
Sleeping over the Batteries

I just acquired a beautiful Solar RV (Of course it has a Gas Engine.) I will be sleeping over the batteries and wanted some protection from the EMF off gassing. The product is lovely to look at and easy to use and I am happy to have it. Truth is there is really no way to tell how well it works yet, anyway. Just installed them....

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We have answered some common questions, such as 'How do I measure the effects of the products' and 'Will I feel the effects of the products?' on our FAQs page if you'd like to check them out! You can access this information here: https://emf-harmony.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions

Excellent EMF Blocjer for Smartwatch

I have been wearing this for over a year and it gives me peace of mind while wearing my Apple Watch during the day. Still take it off at night and put it on airplane mode.

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband
Ansley (College Grove, US)
Nice but stretches out

I have really enjoyed my bracelet so far! It’s durable and I wear it daily. My only issue is that it does stretch some-I’m sure this is just part of it but I have small wrists and it’s stretched enough to where it will fall off and I don’t notice.

Watch band

Easy to install and looks great on my band. I feel happier and more energized.

Sense of security

I love that my son can wear this bracelet to be protected from harmful EMF. He loves to wear his 'special' bracelet, I appreciate the fact he's being protected!

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband
Carol C. (Orlando, US)
I love this!

I’ve been wearing this bracelet for over a year and can only assume that it’s doing what it’s supposed to. How can you really check? 😊 Anyway, headaches are gone and I sleep great at night. My only “complaint” is that the black/black isn’t offered in size small!

EMF Harmonizer for Cars
thedetoxingduo (Malibu, US)
A must in the car

I love having this chip in my car to help reduce exposure to EMFS from both inside and outside my car. Especially given how much time I spend in the car on a daily basis!

EMF Harmonizer+ for Cell Phones
thedetoxingduo (Malibu, US)
Love it!

I love keeping this EMF sticker on my phone. My case goes right over it so you can't even see it, and it gives me peace of mind that I am taking steps to mitigate emf exposure (especially with my cell phone which is one of the most powerful EMF emitters that I am using all the time)

EMF Harmonizer Kid's Band
ildiko (San Diego, US)
Great product!

Wonderful product!
Kids love it. It is waterproof, easy to clean, comfortable.
We love it!

Great EMF bracelet highly recommend it

Great bracelet. Great product, good price I absolutely love this stylus cuff bracelet. Better thanost out there.

Love this stylish bracelet!

This bracelet cuff is adjustable so it can fit any wrist. I like that you can pair it with other jewelry and it looks timeless. I sit on a computer all day for my job & wearing this really helped prevent me from getting headaches!

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband
Mia H. (Sun City West, US)
Beware of sizing

Though I have noticed that I do feel better, the small is considerably larger than my wrist. It Literally goes halfway up my arm, lol. For some reason, I thought I was ordering bracelet that had a circumference of 7”. If you are petite boned like me, I would recommend going with the bracelet that can be adjusted. Otherwise, I do recommend the EMF harmonizing quality of these products.

Pure Light Pedant -EMF Protection Necklace

So far, I cannot tell if it’s working or not, it was kinda too small paired what I was thinking it would be I need to get the bracelet to because my TV is only 10 feet away from me and it’s a 55 inch so I think I need the bracelet Thanks 🤗

Hi Helen, thanks for sharing your photo! Your Pure Light Pendant looks great on you! Also... your Pure Light Pendant is perfectly sufficient to protect and support your health from the dangers of EMF radiation coming from your TV and all other wireless electronic devices. The pendant works with your energy center at your throat and heart-center and then resonates throughout your body through your meridian system. You can certainly add a bracelet (all our products work synergistically together) but the pendant alone is providing excellent protection and health support. You may want to consider a Harmonizer Chip for your cellphone and other wireless devices like your TV to help lighten the EMF load on your body. We hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime at service@lifeharmonyenergies.com.

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband
Customer (Phoenix, US)
Amazing Product

The look of the bracelet is perfect! I was having trouble sleeping and ever since I purchased this product it has been a night and day difference. This is a product every one needs - I can truly feel the difference in my stress levels, anxiety and my energy is more balanced. GO BUY!

EMF Protection Bundle - Beginner
Caroline N. (Austin, US)
Great product !

I wear my pendent and bracelet everyday , I feel less anxiety which I believe is from EMF 5G I will keep wearing it and my husband too .

EMF Harmonizer Mobility+ Bracelet
Lester B. (West Jordan, US)
Works well

I have carpet tunnel makes my wrist pop I noticed this when I use my phone more often the more often that wrist pops and needs rubbed. I have noticed almost complete recovery and playing games on my phone no longer feels like I'm cooking my hands. I hope others consider this product been great also like the band doesn't pull my hair like I thought it would

Pure Light Cuff by Life Harmony Energies
Leticia G. (Los Angeles, US)

I absolutely love this stylish bracelet.. and I can honestly say I feel better wearing it.