How to neutralize EMF radiation?

There is a strong interest in how to neutralize EMF radiation given the prevalence of EMF’s in our world today and the numerous studies documenting its potential health damage. There are two methods available for neutralizing EMF radiation – the man made / technological approach of a bio-energetic device and the nature-based approach of a mineral. We will examine both approaches below.

Neutralize EMF radiation with a bio-energetic device:

  • These devices generally operate at the sub-atomic / quantum level. This means that they transmit quantum energy that interacts at the sub-atomic level with the energy of the EMF radiation to neutralize, or some say harmonize, it. In theory when this neutralized energy comes into contact with the body’s energy (also at the sub-atomic level) it will no longer have the potential health damaging properties that it otherwise would have had.
  • These devices are not blocking EMF radiation, so their effect is not measurable with an EMF detection meter. The only way to measure their effect is to take physiological measurements of the body’s health in the presence of EMF radiation with and without using the devices. If the body’s state of health is better when using the device at a similar level of EMF exposure, then the device is presumed to be effective.
  • Examples of such devices are cell phone stickers, EMF protection bracelets and pendants, and EMF neutralizers for a whole house. It is important to look for the physiological testing mentioned above when evaluating such devices.

Neutralize EMF radiation with a mineral:

  • Some minerals are known for their EMF protective properties, but it is not clear whether they work primarily by blocking the radiation due to their density, or whether they absorb the radiation, or some combination of the two.
  • There appears to be no clear evidence that a small amount of a mineral placed on a human body (for example in a pendant or necklace) will provide broad EMF protection for the entire body. If it is blocking and/or absorbing the EMF radiation, then it is possible that its effect is limited to the area immediately surrounding the mineral.
  • Examples of minerals know for EMF protective properties are Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, and Hematite.