Protección EMF para relojes inteligentes y rastreadores de actividad física

Compre nuestros dispositivos de protección EMF para dispositivos de muñeca inalámbricos como Apple Watch, Fitbit o cualquier reloj inteligente o rastreador de actividad física. Elija entre nuestra Apple Watchband para Apple Watch o nuestro Smartwatch Chip para cualquier tipo o marca de reloj inteligente o rastreador de actividad física.

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Apple watches, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and many of the other electronic wireless devices we use in our daily lives give off electromagnetic field radiation. Our proprietary technology has been infused into the watchband to both harmonize the potentially harmful negative energies emitted from our devices and boost and strengthen the body’s natural healing processes at the cellular level. The bioenergetic frequencies that come from our technology are ideal for neutralizing the EMF’s that come from Apple watches and smartwatches.

Both the Apple Watchband and the Smart Watch Chip offer the same level of superior protection against EMFs. The biggest difference between them lies in the variety of sources from which you are protected. The Smartwatch Chip offers protection against potentially harmful RF radiation that emanates directly from the Apple or smart watch on your wrist. The Watchband offers a wider array of protection against EMFs from the Apple or smart watch on your wrist as well as the EMFs from all of the other prevalent wireless electronic devices in your life, including smart phones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and wifi routers, just to name a few.

The negative frequencies in these energies can have long-term health consequences with symptoms ranging from headaches, fatigue, and nausea to carcinogenic and reproductive damage. Our wireless devices have become such an important component of our daily lives that we simply can’t move away from the sources of these potentially harmful influences on our health and wellness. The extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from these devices (and many other sources in our cities and thoroughfares) was first determined to have little to no effect on our health. But while limited levels of exposure to the extremely low-frequency EMF that surrounds us all day long may not pose a significant threat in small doses, researchers are growing more concerned about the constant exposure to which we are prone each and every day, week after week, all year round.

Neither of these products is designed nor manufactured to block EMFs entirely. If that were the case, your Apple watch, smartwatch, even the electronic devices on which you rely would fail to work properly. That would defeat the purpose of the product. The reason why it won’t shield or block EMF from your wireless devices is because the particles of the energies in our proprietary technology lack the structural integrity to create that kind of barrier. Instead, these energies work on a quantum level by neutralizing the negative energetic frequencies of RF radiation, but they don’t block EMF, allowing your smartwatch, laptop, and cell phone to function correctly at all times, while still protecting you from the harmful impacts of consistent, routine exposure to EMF.

Much like our Apple Watch Band, the Smartwatch Chip offers the same proprietary bioenergetic frequencies that can protect you against the dangerous impacts of prolonged EMF exposure. But while the Watchband can protect you from EMF that is emitted from your Apple watch or smart watch and other electronic devices, the Smartwatch Chip can be attached to just about any watchband to neutralize the EMF’s that come directly from those types of watches. This is important because small, yet constant doses of EMF on the wrist can be detrimental to your health and wellness, especially since the wrist is where one of the body’s most important meridians is located.

Wearing an EMF protection product on your wrist allows the bioenergetic frequencies to enter the body and flow through the meridian system to protect you from the inside and outside. Placing a smartwatch on the wrist points those EMFs at that meridian, the Chip harmonizes and reduces the potential harm from that negative energy.

That all depends, how much protection do you need from electromagnetic radiation? If you wear an Apple Watch or smart watch instead of a conventional watch, you are exposed to EMF all the time. Add that to the EMF exposure from your cell phone, tablet, laptop, smart appliances, all of the devices and electronics that we incorporate into our lives. Our products are safe to use 24 hours a day and offer you round-the-clock protection but only when worn on the wrist. The bioenergetic frequencies in our proprietary technology protect the wearer against EMF radiation, not those in the vicinity of the Watchband or Chip.

No. The EMF protection energy in the Apple Watch Wristband or the Smart Watch Chip is not a finite source of protection. It does not run low or expire, the bioenergies in the material of the band or chip are designed to provide constant protection against electromagnetic radiation no matter where you are or how much EMF energy you may find yourself exposed to daily. You can rely on these products to keep protecting you wherever you might encounter EMF’s throughout your day.

No. These are not electronic devices, so you don’t need to recharge them or spiritually clean them or take any other steps to replenish their protective qualities. The Apple Watch Wristband and Smartwatch Chip have each been infused with our bioresonance technology to continue targeting EMF energy around you and fortifying your body at the cellular level to boost your cells against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emanating from your Apple or smart watch.  So you can enjoy the health benefits of these products at all times, as long as you are wearing them on the body.

The same technology that exists in our Apple Watch Wristband or Smartwatch Chip can be found in all of our EMF protection bracelets and jewelry. While some of our products are best-suited for warding off the EMF radiation from various sources of these negative, damaging energies, you can rest assured that you are getting the same superior level of EMF protection regardless of the product you have chosen to wear.

Be sure to read the product description of the product you wish to purchase before completing your transaction so you have the type of protection you need for safeguarding yourself and your family from the harmful threat of EMFs in today’s society.