Protección EMF 5G para el hogar, la oficina y el automóvil

Compre nuestros dispositivos de protección EMF para su hogar, oficina, casa, apartamento y lugar de trabajo ( EMF Harmonizer Home & Office ) y su automóvil ( EMF Harmonizer Car ) que brindan seguridad contra la radiación electromagnética en estas áreas donde usted y su familia pasan la mayor parte de su tiempo. Ofrecen protección contra los efectos sobre la salud de 5G, WiFi y todas las formas de EMF.
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The Best EMF Protection Products for Home, Office, and Car from EMF Harmony

EMF Protection for homes, the workplace, even the car is vital for keeping you and your family safe from the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation. This harmful radiation is all around us - from cell phones to tablets and laptops, from Wi-Fi routers to computer screens - and all of these devices have become an integral part of our daily life.

But while we can't do without our wireless devices, we also can't continue to subject ourselves to the constant EMF exposure that surrounds us in the places we should feel safe and secure.

That's why EMF Harmony has been developing the most effective EMF protection products on the market today, designed to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation that is an unfortunate by-product of these electronic devices that we rely on for work and play.

For customers who want all-day protection from electromagnetic fields, we offer two products that are intended for use in the home or office and in the car. The EMF Harmonizer Home & Office and the EMF Harmonizer Car, each one useful at neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF radiation that permeate the home and workplace and the myriad of electronic components in your vehicle that emit harmful and dangerous electromagnetic energy.

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The first thing to understand is that our Home & Office and Car Harmonizers are NOT EMF blockers. They do not act as EMF radiation shields, otherwise your cell phone, your tablet, any electronic devices that emit extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields would stop working altogether.

Our harmonizers protect the home or workplace
by creating an EMP proof perimeter and the radiation that enters the area becomes harmonized, supporting your body against the negative health effects that come from the electromagnetic fields of WiFi routers, cell phones, wireless devices, and even common electric current that powers standard home appliances.

For protection in your vehicle, the Harmonizer Car protects your body against EMF devices inside and even outside of the car. Hybrid and electric vehicles are manufactured using a whole series of electronics that emit constant EMF radiation. If you have a lengthy commute in the morning and afternoon coming home, you are putting your body through long term exposure to the harmful effects of EMF.

EMF Harmony products feature an innovative and exclusive dual-level technology designed specifically to neutralize the harmful impacts of EMF radiation by supporting the health and well-being of the body.

The first level is a Direct Technology which is used to harmonize the negative frequencies within EMF radiation for the purpose of reducing its dangerous effects on the body. The second is an Adaptive Technology that works to boost the body's energy at a cellular level and protect against the highly damaging influence of radiation.

This dual-level technology has been developed and utilized all through Europe for the last two decades, implemented in a wide range of healthcare applications with real efficacy and proven results.

Our dual-level Direct and Adaptive technologies operate at a sub-atomic level and they neutralize rather than block electromagnetic fields. The technology also helps to support the body and reduce the harmful effects of EMFs that can cause health problems in the body.

For home or workplace protection, EMF Harmony offers its whole house protection kits that consist of thin metal or carbon plates applied inside of the fuse box and around some of the electrical outlets in the home or office that you want to turn into an EMF proof zone.

For car interior protection, EMF Harmony offers a metal or carbon plate version and an air vent mounted accessory. Simply affix the metal plate to the dashboard, steering column, center console, or anywhere that is close to the driver and passenger. The air vent mount can be attached to any of the
dashboard vents.

The propietary dual technology that protects you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation in your home and car does not expire or drain after a specific length of time. Our harmonizers emit the same level of bio-energetic frequencies to fortify the cells in your body and neutralize damaging emissions of EMF radiation from the surrounding environment at all times. Whether in your home, office, or car, the EMF harmonizers are working at peak performance to protect you and your family around the clock.

You will not need to recharge or energetically clean our EMF harmonizers. The bioresonance energy contained within these products have been designed and manufactured to remain a constant influence in safeguarding you from the potentially damaging impacts of routine exposure to EMF radiation. You simply attach the harmonizer in the environments where you and your family are exposed to high levels of EMF and the device does the rest. No need to plug our harmonizers into a wall socket and they do not contain batteries that need to be recharged over and over again.

We realize that today's technology is constantly being upgraded, redeveloped, and modernized. But the same electromagnetic radiation is being emitted as a by-product. Whether the source of these EMF, 5G, or wifi signals was made in 2015 or 2025, our EMF harmonizers will neutralize the radiation that comes from it. You will not need to replace your EMF harmonizer to protect against electronic devices that hit the market a few years from now.

But that doesn't mean we aren't innovating and redesigning our products at EMF Harmony. We are always finding new ways to bring our consumers the best in EMF protection, so if you ever decide you wish to replace the harmonizers you own for newer models sometime in the future, that's your decision to make. It won't be because the harmonizers you purchase today are any less effective.

The technology that we have embedded into our home and car harmonizers contain no magnetic properties. These devices work on an energetic level and will not, nor are they meant to, interact with, disrupt, or interfere with the routine functionality of a pacemaker or other medical equipment that can become affected by magnetic fields. Anyone with a pacemaker or ICD need not worry about remaining in close proximity to our EMF harmonizer products.

Not only are they compatible, we recommend it for those homes or offices where multiple electronic devices place you or your family at constant exposure to EMF's and other harmful forms of electromagnetic radiation. We offer a wide array of EMF protection products that can be used in conjunction with one another for a superior level of protection in any environment. This is particularly important for those consumers who are unable to remove themselves from the vicinity of the most prevalent sources of EMF radiation in their home, office, and car.