Team Photo

Marty Grosjean

Founder and President of EMF Harmony

Marty Grosjean is the founder and president of Life Harmony Energies, a unique company that offers products for improving your health and your life through bio-resonance energy. The products range from EMF protection to home harmonizers to energy jewelry, all based on the same unique technology. Although almost unknown in the United States, bio-resonance energy is well-known in the world of holistic health in Europe, where the company’s products are made.

The company offers its products under three brands:

  • EMF Harmony makes products that protect your health from the dangers of EMF radiation by neutralizing its negative effects.
  • Life Harmony Energies makes products that improve your life through positive changes at the energetic level that harmonize your home, your food and water, and your body.
  • BioPower Pet makes products for dogs and cats for flea and tick prevention, calming and relaxation, and other needs specific to pets.

Marty, who founded Life Harmony Energies in 2014, is an entrepreneur who has been active in the holistic healthcare field for over 20 years. Prior to founding the company, Marty started and ran a successful brand of natural pet care products which are sold nationally in the United States. Marty began working with the bio-resonance technology that powers the Life Harmony Energies products over 10 years ago and became a firm believer in its power to significantly impact the health of the human body.