EMF Blockers and Sleep: Can They Improve Your Sleep Quality?

EMF Blockers

Poor sleep quality is one of the biggest contributors to adverse health effects. When lack of sleep becomes a chronic problem, it can increase the risks of developing a variety of health issues, not to mention the levels of stress that your body and brain both go through simply trying to function throughout the day on a few hours of sleep or low quality sleep that failed to provide a sufficient level of rest.

When the human brain reaches deep sleep, a variety of healing and recovery processes take place throughout the brain and the body. Harmful toxins are expelled from the body, metabolic functions regulated, cellular regeneration and energy replenishment processes take place, the body's endocrine system produces hormones to support tissue growth, all while the immune system benefits from strength and repair that comes from deep, uninterrupted nocturnal sleep.

Your overall health and well-being depend on getting a good night's sleep. So it's cause for concern when recent studies have determined that extended periods of EMF exposure can damage sleep quality in human beings, regardless of age or gender.

Health Risks of Poor Sleep Quality

When you fall asleep, you may not consider how your sleep patterns affect sleep quality and your overall health and wellness. But a lack of deep sleep can have an impact on your long-term well-being and when you’re not getting the full benefits of that rest, it can increase your chances of developing a variety of health issues such as depression, anxiety, and dementia to heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and various forms of cancer.

Consider how sluggish and cranky you feel when your alarm goes off in the morning and it’s a struggle to get out of bed and start the day. Get behind the wheel of your car and you feel your eyelids getting heavier. You wonder why, after all you went to bed at a decent time, got the amount of sleep you needed.

But there’s a difference between sleep duration and sleep quality. Sleep duration is the length of time spent in bed going through various sleep cycles with your eyes closed. Sleep quality is defined by how well you sleep and how quickly you are able to fall asleep. The average recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-8 hours per night.

But as for sleep quality, defining the good from the bad can be subjective from the time it takes to fall asleep to the number of sleep disturbances that may wake you up during the night. When it comes to getting enough rest for the day ahead, subjective sleep quality varies from one individual to the next.

The Benefits of Human Sleep

The time we spend sleeping allows for the body and the brain to effectively shut down and become dormant so that a number of processes can take place to support healing, increase memory, and replenish the energy that was expended through the course of your day.

As you cycle from NREM sleep to REM sleep stages, the body and brain go through various functions to help the body repair from injury or illness and allow for the cells of the body to recharge and store energy for the morning to come.

Blood pressure, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, even an increase or decrease in appetite are all affected by sleep quality and the better you sleep, the more it can benefit your health related quality of life. When you wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep, you feel more alert and energized. Ready to take on the challenges of a new day ahead.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Sleep Quality

Experiencing sleep problems can be frustrating as a lack of rest can have a tremendous impact on every facet of your life. Taking a sleep medicine to help you drift off to sleep should only be a short-term solution for a temporary problem.

But when falling asleep is an ongoing struggle and your sleep patterns are interrupted, you may be asking yourself if there's a medical issue that needs to be addressed. Could it be stress from your job? Maybe you're just "over-tired" from trying to cram too much activity into a short period of time.

Perhaps there's another reason behind your sleep disorders, one that has been surrounding you all this time and you didn't even realize the amount of damage that's been done.

EMF radiation has become an all-encompassing presence in our daily lives. The amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted from our mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wifi routers, smart appliances, and all of the other electronic devices that we rely upon has grown exponentially to the point that we can't avoid enduring near constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation all around us.

A study conducted in the last decade has found a link between lengthy exposure to electromagnetic radiation and a reduction in sleep quality. While it's been well-documented that EMF radiation can have serious negative health effects on the human body, the threat of EMFs on our sleep quality presents yet another threat to public health.

There are many studies offering ample documentation of sleep disruption from screens and the wireless technology behind them. It is clearly something that anyone should be concerned about, especially those suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues.

As our modern technology has advanced and offered us more ways to communicate and conduct business from day to day, there have also been significant improvements in the methods by which we can start to protect ourselves from the harmful impacts of the negative energies contained with electromagnetic radiation.

EMF Protection: Can Blockers Help?

The electromagnetic fields emitted from our electronic devices offer a never ending source of negative, damaging energy that can cause nervous system dysfunction, skin irritation, muscle aches, and even emotional distress. The use of an effective EMF protection solution can dramatically reduce the negative impact on the body and preserve your health and wellness and protect the safety of your family.

Research has determined that increased EMF exposure can impact sleep quality in ways that cause sleep disturbances, disrupt sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, and cause a variety of sleep problems that reduce sleep quality and prevent the body from undergoing the common, necessary functions that benefit proper functionality and wellness during NREM and REM sleep stages.

In order to test such a hypothesis, a study was conducted in which an EMF protection bed canopy was used to track stress response and sleep hormone production on those individuals who slept beneath that EMF blocking protection. The test found that sleeping in a bed that could successfully block EMFs offered improved health outcomes, increased immune response, and better sleep quality.

Blocking the EMFs from damaging the body in the course of deep sleep has shown that sleep quality can improve, allowing for the user to get a good night's sleep and proper rest.

Blockers vs Bioresonance Energy

Blocking EMF radiation is very different from harmonizing the negative energies in that radiation and neutralizing it for effective protection in this EMF-rich world. Products that purport to block EMFs to protect your health are generally effective only to a certain degree in very limited circumstances, and are not a realistic approach to safeguarding your health.

EMF Harmony is leading the way in EMF protection options that offer more neutralizing functionality and better protection for your lifestyle. An EMF blocker is designed to block the EMF radiation emanating from all of our electronic devices. But EMF Harmony relies on something different - bioresonance technology, a dual-level approach that works in two ways.

Bio-energetic frequencies emitted from any one of the EMF Harmony products you choose work to harmonize the negative damaging energy found in EMFs that can cause the harmful symptoms associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity - the very same harmful damage that threatens your good night’s sleep.

But the bioresonance energy doesn’t stop at just harmonizing the external factors that can damage your sleep, these energies also intermingle with the body’s natural life force energies, working to fortify your body at the cellular level to give your cell’s a boost against the oxidative stress that can occur when EMF radiation comes into contact with human cells.

Just as deep restful sleep can have a strong, healthy benefit to your body’s cellular structure, so too does the bioresonance technology that can protect the cells from EMF radiation. In both instances, sleep and positive bio-energies can do wonders for your well-being in the midst of so much EMF radiation that threatens to render long-term and possibly permanent health consequences.

There's one more difference between blockers and bioresonance technology. Blockers render your electronic devices useless while harmonizing the EMF radiation instead of blocking it allows for your devices to continue working properly all while strengthening the body for full support against the potential harm that can occur in the body and the brain.

Take Electromagnetic Radiation Out of the Equation

When you want to go to sleep, EMF exposure shouldn't stop you from getting the rest you need and deserve. Now that EMFs have been shown to impact the human brain and body in potentially devastating ways, get the best night of sleep you've had in years by using EMF protection products from EMF Harmony and Life Harmony Energies.

Sleep quality is nothing to fool around with and now that you have the right kind of protection to ward off the effects of EMFs, you can finally get excellent sleep duration and sleep quality in equal measure.

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